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b&a Open 9-Ball - Revillo Cup
  The last tournament of the year 2001, traditionally organized during the Christmas and New Years days in Neckarsulm, saw some 262 participants. In my group 6, a real clash took already place at the very start of the event. After a 6-3 lead and two missed match balls, I lost to S. Tot from Hungary at the score of 6-7. After this match, I played better and thanks to my wins over M. Wolf (Berlin) 7-0, R. Wunder (Klingenberg) 7-2, B. Kappes (Amorbach) 7-0, J. Heim 7-5 and M. Kamuf (Forst) 7-4, I managed to qualify for the final round of the last 64 competitors on Sunday. On the final day, I defeated A. Bartsch (Schwerte) at the score of 7-1 and I. Hodzic (Denkendorf) at a score of 7-2 and qualified for the final of the last 32 players, organized in a single KO system. The draw made me play Th. Hohmann from Fulda. After an excellent start with four cleared tables in a row, a break foul rang in my defeat. Two unnecessary misses and a little bit of bad luck ended up in a 8-9 defeat which meant a final 17th rank. My team mate A. Roschkowsky was in better shape and assured his third victory in a German Grand Prix tournament this year by defeating T. Hohmann at a score of 9-4. Third place went to the former player from Dessau S. Trautmann (Groß-Gerau) and C. Brehme (Kurpfalz).
Mosconi Cup - US triumph
  For the 5th time, the Mosconi Cup was organized in the York Hall in Bethnal Green, a district of London. The European team with the players M. Immonen (FIN), M. Chamat (SWE), N. Feijen (NED), S. Knight (UK), S. Davis (UK) and R. Souquet (GER) had a clear goal: to win the cup for a second time after 1995. Team USA was composed of E. Strickland, J. Archer, J. Jones, N. Varner, C. Williams and C. Deuel, heading for a 6th straight win. After a good start of the European double Immonen / Feijen against Archer / Varner (5-3), followed two defeats to reach an intermediate score of 1-2. The next day was a catastrophe for the Europeans. Six straight wins allowed the US teams to bring the score to 1-8. Now, the Europeans had nothing left to lose. The team tried to hinder a total disaster, but things turned out even worse. On the third day, the Europeans could not book the slightest point and the team was crashed at a score of 1-12. This was by far the highest victory for the USA and it was one for the history books. Never before, the continental cup was over already on the third day.
Still, the result did not really reflect the real evolution of the match. Team USA played better and deserved to win, but with a little bit of luck, the European team would surely have scored some more points.

1. German Division - Dessau remains leader without any lost point
  During the 4th game day in the 1. German Pool Division, the 1. Dessauer PBC could book a clear victory at the PBC Schwerte at a score of 7-1 and successfully defended its lead before Anderten. Dessau is the only team without any lost point in this current season. Only C. Reimering lost in the first 9-ball game to the player from Schwerte T. Seiffert at a score of 9-11. And only the match between T. Engert versus V. Fölmes gave some hope for a second point to the hosts, but the player from Dessau could win the match at a tight score of 11-10. The remaining matches were almost too clearly dominated by the defending champion. The team from the town located at the banks of the river Mulde could not have hoped for a better start into this new season and it is on the way to the declared goal - to defend once again the championship title.
World All Stars' Pro Tour 9-Ball
  32 competitors from 13 countries played the 8th edition of this tournament. The first round was played in 4 double KO groups with 8 players each in races to 9. 2 players per group qualified for the quarter-finals on the final day.
In group C it seemed evident that the top players would be in danger. Besides C.S. Yang (No.1 in Taiwan), Y.C. Kuo (No.2 in Taiwan), T. Okumura (No.1 in Japan), C. Deuel (No.1 USA) and former Junior World Champion H.C. Lu (Taiwan), I had to play J. Henry (New Zealand) and D. Alwi (Indonesia) in my group. After a weak start and a 4-9 defeat to Alwi, I managed to beat Henry with a score of 9-1. At this point of time, the winner of the 1997 and 2000 editions and gold medallist at the World Games 2001 in Akita, C.S. Yang, was already out of the tournament. I could defeat my next opponent, former Junior World Champion Lu, with a tight score of 9-8. Now, the next top player, the current US No. 1, C. Deuel, was eliminated and my chances to reach the quarter finals seemed fine. Okumura had already assured his spot in the quarter finals as the winner of my group and I had to play Y.C. Kuo against whom I had lost in Japan. Unfortunately, I could not take my revenge for the defeat in Amagasaki and lost with a score of 7-9. I was not satisfied with my result (13th place), just as with my entire Asia trip.
In the finals, H.L. Fang from Taiwan beat surprisingly the currently best tournament player of the world, Mika Immonen (Finland), with a score of 13-8. Third place went to T. Okumura (Japan) and Y.C. Kuo (Taiwan).
All Japan Championships 9-Ball
  128 participants from 20 countries competed for world ranking points in Amagasaki City.
At this 34th edition of the All Japan Championships, my game was one more not convincing and after my 17th place in Tokyo, I again had to make do with the same place. In the first round played in double KO, the matches were played in best-of-19 until the round of the final 32 players. In the first round, I defeated M. Matono (Japan) with a score of 9-2. In the second round, I managed to win against Y.S. Park (Korea) with a score of 9-7 and qualified with a 9-5 win over M. Matsuoka (Japan) for the final round. The matches were now played in a single KO race to 11. Against Y.C. Kuo (ROC), whom I could beat in the semi-finals of the Team World Championships, I did not play up and lost with a clear 2-11. Once again, I had missed my objective - to win a tournament in Japan.
In the final, Corey Deuel (USA) defeated the current World Champion Mika Immonen (Finland) with the tightest of all scores 11-10 and could cash 2,000,000 Yen. Third place went to W. Kiamco (Philippines) and K.F. Lee (ROC).
In the Ladies competition, S.M. Liu (ROC) managed to beat the new World Champion Alison Fisher (GB) after a fierce fight with a score of 8-7. Third place went to WC runner-up K. Corr (GB) and G. Hofstätter (Austria).
Tokyo 9-Ball International Billiards Tournament
  Efren Reyes, this exceptional sportsman, could win the final of the tournament with the highest price money in Billiards history - app. 800.000 US$! He defeated the Dutchman Niels Feijen with a score of 15-7. The winner who will receive the record price money of 20.000.000 Yen (app. 160.000 US$) just had to display an average performance to contain his opponent. Still, the runner-up had a nice "consolation" - 8.000.000 Yen.
The organizer of this tournament, the International Billiard Council (IBC), had seeded 9 former World Champions in the round of the last 128 players and so I did avoid the qualification stage, which most of the other 730 players had to go through. I could win my first match against Takoyama (Japan) with a score of 13-3. The next opponent was one of the overall favourites. But I also managed a win over the American J. Jones with a score of 13-10 and I entered he stage of the last 32 players. Here, I had to face M. Schmidt (Anderten), but committed too many mistakes and finally, could not help a 9-13 loss. Schmidt finished 5th and was the most successful German player.
For the year 2002, the IBC has already announced a World Tour with 10 tournaments and an overall price money of at least 1.000.000 US$. We are all very excited about this new perspectives.
Austria Open 9-Ball
  Among the 160 competitors, the well crowded Austria Open played in the "Billardcafé Kugelrund" in Salzburg, Austria, the 52nd tournament of the Euro-Tour series, saw once more four German players qualified for the semi-finals. After a walk-through I defeated the Austrian A. Markut with a score of 9-6. The next two matches were 9-5 victories against respectively M. Cederström (SWE) and R. Diks (NED) and I was thus qualified for the final round comprising 32 competitors.
On the final day, I first played against M. Larsen (DEN) and won with a score of 9-4. The next match was against S. Tot from Hungary - victory 9-6. Now, the tournament entered the thrilling stage and I had to face the other seeded competitors. In the quarterfinals, A. Lely (NED) waited for me, the no. 4 of the seeding list. This match was my best performance during this tournament and I managed to win with a clear score of 9-3. In the semi-finals, it came to the big clash against O. Ortmann (Anderten). But I mastered my nerves and booked a 9-5 victory. After a long and exhausting final day, I had to pass just one more obstacle. M. Schmidt (Anderten) was my opponent and those who know him appreciate the fierce fighter he is. After a furious beginning and a fast 7-1 lead, I seemed to be on the winning track, but again, I committed again some bad mistakes. Schmidt came back to 5-7 and I started to become nervous. After a difficult 13th rack, I pulled myself together again and finally managed to win the second Euro-Tour event this year with a score of 9-5. Together with O. Ortmann, my team mate from Dessau, Thomas Engert, finished third.
2. GGP 9-Ball - Sindelfingen
  With some 180 participants, the 2. 9-Ball Grand Prix of the current season was a success in the Billiard Cafe 'Die Drei' in Sindelfingen. Almost all major players were present to compete for the price money of DM 4444,-. After a good start with two wins I was qualified for the final round on sunday. Unlike other Grand Prix tournaments, the final round was played in a field of 64 players in double KO. So, it was theoretically possible to win the tournament in spite of two defeats. I won my first match in the final round against J. Kaplan (Brambauer) with a score of 9-4. In my next match against C. Brehme (Kurpfalz) I made too many mistakes and lost consequently with a score of 3-9. In the losers bracket, I defeated M. Shaverdi (Denkendorf) with a score of 9-2, before losing for the second time against V. Földes (Schwerte) with a score of 7-9. I finally finished on a disappointing 25. place. After intense fights, O. Ortmann (Anderten) won the final against R. Hybler (Fürstenfeldbruck) with a score of 11-7. Third place went to Th. Hohmann (Fulda) and M. Schmitt (Anderten).
Once again - "only" second
  At the "Sudden Death" 7-Ball Invitational Tournament in the ESPN Zone Club in Baltimore, MD / USA, organized by Matt Braun, I finished "only" second like at two previous occasions this year. The promoter had extended invitations to eight players to play in a simple KO bracket. The game was 7-Ball, which is played just like 9-Ball, with 2 balls less. With alternating break, the matches were played in best-of-three set format, each set being played in best-of-nine games. In case of a 4-4 draw a single game determined the winner of the set. The rules had been slightly modified to suit TV production needs. After a Push-out the player had to play an attack shot, while the target pocket for the "7" had to be announced. In the quarter-finals I played Charlie Williams (USA), who joined the tournament after a short term retreat by Jon Kucharo (USA). I fought my way through this match by winning both sets 5-4 and 5-4. In the semi-finals I defeated Troy Frank (USA) without having to go through the "Sudden Death" exercise, final score 5-3 and 5-4. The championship match was a copy of several previous matches this year. An "easy" miss on my side and a little luck on Corey Deuel (USA), my opponents side, and all my dreams of a title in one of the "Major Tournaments" were gone for this year. Final score 3-5 and 4-5. Third place went to Alex Pagaluyan (CAN). Mika Immonen (FIN), Fong-Pang Chao (TWN) and Earl Strickland (USA) lost their respective quarter-final matches.
German Grand Prix 8-Ball - Osnabrück
  At the first 8-Ball Grand Prix, the organizers at the billiards club Skyline could once more welcome a full participants list. 128 participants competed for the win and qualification points for the German Championships 2002. Winner was Brian Naithani who plays for Joker Geldern, defeating in the finals Michael Schmitt from First Division newcomer PBV Anderten with a score of 11-5. I fought my way through to 3rd place: During the qualification stage, I defeated R. Chmal (6-0), K. Kimm (6-0) and Merbitz (6-1). On Sunday, in the final bracket, I took off with a 9-4 win over M. Steinlage, followed by another 9-4 win over A. Neumer. In the quarter-finals I faced the European Juniors Champion V. Földes from Hungary who plays this season in the German First Division for PBC Schwerte and the match was a clear matter: 9-1. My match in the semi-finals against the future winner, B. Naithani, was pretty close, but I finally had to give in on the score of 9-11. I shared the 3rd place with a local player from Osnabrück, M. Ruwe.
U.S. Open 9-Ball, Chesapeake, VA
  The 26th edition of the probably most prestigious tournament in North America has been impacted by the terrible attack on the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C.. The tension was tangible among the 215 participants from all parts of the world. Nevertheless, the players tried hard to focus their concentration on the billards game.
After seven long and tough tournament days, the US shooting star Corey Deuel showed the best form and managed to assure the US Open Championship title with a great 11-0 over the new World Champion Mika Immonen (Finland). Third place went to J. Parica (PHI) who defeated E. Strickland (USA). After wins over T. Watson (USA) 11-7, T. Oumoto (JPN) 11-5, D. Grossman (USA) 11-7, C. Szuter (USA) 11-8, D. Matlock (USA) 11-4 and M. Itsuno (JPN) 11-7, I made my way to the last four in the winners bracket. Here I faced C. Deuel, and at 6-5 I missed a rather simple nine and got out of the match. The final score was 7-11. In the following match against Mika Immonen I had no chance (4-11) and had to bury my Championship hopes for this year. I shared the fifth rank with Niels Feijen (NED), who played, just like Evgeni Stalev (RUS), who finished 7th, an excellent tournament.
World Pool Masters
  The nineth edition of the World Pool Masters 9-Ball in Thurrock, UK, was organized like in the previous years in the Lakeside Shopping Centre. The company Matchroom invited 15 players from 12 countries and with Allison Fisher, a lady for the first time. Still, there was no major surprise since Quinten Hann from Down Under defeated the 'Duches of Doom' already in the first round with a score of 7-6. This time, there was no German success to celebrate, since Th. Engert (3-7 vs. M. Immonen) and myself (1-7 vs. R. Babica) lost our first round matches. After a final marked by numerous mistakes, F. Bustamante (PHI) won his second title against E. Strickland (USA) with a dense score of 7-6. E. Reyes (PHI) and R. Babica (PL) shared the 3rd place.
On the way to the Olympic Games...?
  For the first time in history, 64 billard players participated this year in the World Games, hosted by Akita, Japan. At the sixth edition of the World Games, 16 billard players competed in each of the four disciplines (three cushion, snooker, pool men & women) for the medals in an KO bracket. In the three cushion competition, the German representative was Martin Horn from Essen. But he had to renounce to his medal expectations early, after his defeat to S. Lee (USA). Gold went to D. Sanchez (Spain), runner-up was D. Jaspers (NL) third came S. Lee (USA). In the snooker competition, no Germans were involved. The gold medal went to B. Haneveer (B), runner-up was M. Manalo (PHI). In the women 9-ball competition, both F. Stark and K. Mayet could not make it to the semi-finals. Gold went to J. Lee (USA), runner-up was the no. 1 in the current World rankings K. Corr (Ireland), Bronze went to C.C. Chen (Taiwan). In the mens 9-Ball competition, the Germans smelled precious metals for the first time. After a good performance, Th. Engert won the Bronze medal against J. Kucharo (USA). In the final, I had to accept a 8-11 defeat against C.H Yang (ROC) and was glad about my silver medal, even if Gold was so close again. I would like to underline that the billards sport was very well represented and that this event was certainly another milestone on the way to the Olympic Games 2008.
Once more, I would like to congratulate the organizers of this superb event. I believe that I speak for all participants, since we were really taken care of and people tried to make the impossible possible, and this in an extremely easy and friendly manner.

Team Europe 'B' new World Champion
  For the second time after 1996, a European selection could win the World Continental Team Cup and by the same token, the title of the World Team Champion. In the final, the Team Europe 'B' with Th. Engert, P.F. Nielsen, F. Stark, K. Corr and R. Souquet could defeat 3-1 the strong Japanese team (K. Takahashi, A. Toshikawa, A. Kajitani, Y. Miura and H. Hinokiyama) and take a revenge for the 2-3 in the qualification round. In the semi-finals, Europe B defeated defending champion Taiwan 'A' (F.P. Chao, C.H. Yang, C.C. Chen, Y.Y. Liu and Y.C. Kuo) with a score of 3-2 and had a revenge for last years semi-finals. During the determining match in the qualification round against Taiwan 'B' (K.F. Lee, H.K. Hsia, H.M. Liu, S.P. Kao and P.C. Kuo) the team had to fight hard against an early elimination. After a fierce fight, Europe B won 3-2 and reached the semi-finals after a 4-1 against Oceania (J. Younger, B. Wells, T. Cantoni, C. Dawson and B. Wilkinson). Team Europa 'A' (O.Ortmann, Chr. Reimering, K. Mayet, J. Kelly and M. Chamat) lost to the USA (E. Strickland, T. Frank, L.J. Jones, R. Dodson and J. Kucharo), to Korea (S.Y. Park, Y.H. Jeong, G.Y. Kim, J.W. Hyn and J.S. Lee) and to Taiwan 'A' and finished 5th. The USA and Taiwan 'A' shared the 3rd place.
ET - England Open
  With some 80 participants, the 51th Euro-Tour in Hull / GB was a bad venue for the big shots. Only 2 players of the Top 8 in the General Ranking made it to the quarter-finals. I already lost in the first KO round of the last 32 players bracket. After a walk through in the first round and victories over W. Braam (NL) 9-3 and the US player N. Mannino 9-2, I lost very unluckily against D. Jungo (CH) 8-9. In spite of this early defeat, I gained the first place in the General Ranking in front of M. Chamat (S), Th. Engert (GER) and Alex Lely (NL). The tournament was won by Fabian Petroni, and this first victory of an Italian player is another page in the history book of pool billards. Runner-up was Rico Diks (NL), followed by R. Babica (PL) and P.F. Nielsen (DK), who travels from his second home far-away Taiwan to all major tournaments.
Summer, Sun, Sea and....9-Ball
  The fourth edition of the 'Alpe Adria Billiard Circuit' was organized this year in the Hotel Excelsior in the stunning and beautiful city of Trieste (Italy). During the qualification stages, the groups played round robin on Best-of-Nine. The first two players of each of the 32 qualification groups made it to the intermediate stage. Here, the group winners played against the group seconds of the other groups to determine the players to gain an advantage of two games for the main round in the KO system.
I qualified for the intermediate round with two 5-0 victories over G. Cappelletti (Italy) and R. Zogani (Italy) and a 5-2 victory against G. Carlone (Italy). A very close 9-8 against M. Vialetto (Italy) gained me the advantage to start my first match in the main round against a looser from the intermediate round with two games ahead. I could sense this advantage at my 9-0 win against M. Stellato (Italy). From the round of the last 32 players, the tournament became truly international. I could defeat N. Feijen (Holland), one of the favourites of the tournament, after a match lasting almost three hours with a score of 11-10, after already trailing 8-10. After my win over the Hungarian V. Földes 11-7, Italys No. 1 F. Petroni was waiting for me. He started the match furiously and was soon ahead 4-0 and 6-2. A perfect cushion shot brought me back into the race and I managed to turn it around (11-7). In the semi-finals I played the World Championship player from Slovenjia M. Erculj, who had eliminated S. Tot (Hungary). I stayed ahead 11-6 and qualified for the final. I continued to play my best and won the "Alpe Adria" tournament with a secure 11-3 win over G. Cimmino from Italy.
World Championship 9-Ball Cardiff - Silver Medal

At the start of the championship the organizers decided to deplace the rack in such a way that the 9 was placed on the bottom spot. The reason for this was the use of the Sardo Tight Rack, a 'machine' to rack up the balls in the best possible press way.
After some initial problems against J. Dulst (B) 5-3, I played better and better. The following matches against A. Hopkins (USA) 5-1, L. Krenek (CZ) 5-1, R. Pleiner (A) 5-0, R. McInnes (SCO) 5-1 and K. Ohashi (J) 5-0 were easy game for me. The last match in the qualifying round against St. Knight (GB) 5-4 determined the winner of this group and the seeding positions for the final round of the last 64 players in the KO system.
Again, I experienced some starting problems, but could book tight wins against M. Holtz (Lux) 9-7 and T. Toda (J) 9-8. All the way through to the finals, I displayed the best of my billards and left only 6 games to my opponents:
C.S. Yang (ROC) 11-3,
M. Chamat (S) 11-1 and
C.H. Lai (ROC) 11-2.
After nine tiring days and twelve won matches I was very close to my objective to repeat my World Champion title and still, I was so far away! During the Championship match of the World Championships (total price money: 300,000 US$) against Mika Immonen from Finland, I did not play up to my possibilities. I missed two "100 %" shots which cost me altogether 7 games. The final score was 17-10 for the young player from Finland who won his first World Champion title of his career. The Bronze medals went to C.H. Lai from Taiwan and A. Martel from Canada.

I would like to express my gratitude towards all of my supporters for their best wishes, encouraging words and the many emails I received. I hope you guys will stay with me!

German First Division - Dessau is up to defend the title
  The defending German Champion 1. PBC Dessau continues to the next season with the same team which won the title this year. The World Championship participants Christian Reimering, Andreas Roschkowsky, Thomas Engert and Ralf Souquet aim in this new season the championship and the win of the European Cup.
German First Division 2001/2002
  The match days of the 1.PBC Dessau in the new season 
Final station: quarter-finals
  At the Mike Massey Open 9-Ball in Bettlach / Switzerland I could not confirm the performances of the past weeks and had to make do with a fifth place. After a good start with two 7-0 and one 7-5 wins, I was qualified for the final round of 32 players in double KO bracket. After a first win in the final round I lost to Mike Massey (USA) with a score of 2-7. I booked two wins in the losers bracket, before playing for a spot in the quarter-finals against defending champion and Junior World Champion Dimitri Jungo (Switzerland). I won this match on a score of 7-5. The quarter-finals against the future runner-up Sascha Specchia (Switzerland) was my final station (4-9), because I never managed to play my real game. The surprising winner of the event was Marc Bühler (Switzerland), who only missed one single shot during the finals and who dominated the match with a score of 9-2. Third place was shared by M. Tschudi (Switzerland) and R. Hirschbichler who plays for the BSV Dachau.

"Double Trouble" - Double win
  At the "Double Trouble" in Hannover, one of the few major events in Germany this year, I could make my way through a field of 121 players and won the tournament. The first day, the 9-ball competition took place. After beating M. Kasper, C. Dalmatin, Th. Engert and Ph. Rüthemann in the qualification stage, I won against F. Nolting, Chr. Reimering and M. Poguntke. In the finals, I defeated Vilmos Földes, the 16 years old shooting star from Hungary with a score of 7-3.
After only a few hours of sleep, the 8-ball competition started. Due to a peculiar ranking system, the competition remained exciting for a long time. After the quarter finals I had won the overall competition of the "Double Trouble". Still, I managed to also win the 8-ball competition. My opponents were: Th. Praulinsch 5-0, R. Bessert 5-1, A. Fischer 5-1, U. Mecklenburg 5-0, Orhan 5-1, A. Roschkowsky 5-3 and F. Nolting 6-3. Overall ranking: 1. R. Souquet, 2. Th. Seiffert, 3. S. Tot (Hungary) & F. Nolting, 5. A. Roschkowsky & O. Ortmann.

Liechtenstein Open
  After my recent weak appearences at the EuroTour, I won the finals of the Liechtenstein Open in Vaduz with a score of 9-2. 115 players competed at the 50th event of this series for ranking points, price money and the qualification for the World Masters in England at the end of August. After a walk-through in round 1 and wins over G. Orth (Holland) 9-1 and L. Vrakas (Greece) 9-1, I had qualified for the final round. Further wins over K. Gastman (Poland) 9-1, M. Chamat (Sweden) 9-3, N. Bergendorff (Sweden) 9-2 and M. Poguntke (Germany) 9-5, I gained my spot in the finals against my team mate. hanks to this title, I climbed from the fifth to the second place in the general rankings, only preceeded by Alex Lely from Holland.

German First Division - Geldern down to second division
  With a clear 5-3 win in Geldern, the 1. PBC Dessau sealed the relegation of Joker Geldern to Second Division, since at the same time, the PBC Brambauer secured his spot in First Division with a 5-3 at one of the favourites, Fürstenfeldbruck. In the prestige clash between defending champion Oberhausen, the team from Dessau wanted to preserve its invincibility. But Oberhausen did not agree and won this clash 5-3. With 3 lost points, Dessau remained first with a comfortable 7 points lead over the second. or the new season, there are only two main objectives: to defend this years title and to win the European Cup.

BCA Open 9-Ball
This invitational tournament with 64 players in the gamblers paradise Las Vegas took place, as it is the tradition, in the Riviera Hotel. After his first round defeat against Paul Potier, young shooting star Corey Deuel could win the title after 11 matches won in a row. In the finals, he defeated José Parica with a score of 7-5. Kim Davenport finished third, fourth place went to Jon Kucharo. After my first round win against G. Michaels (11-3), I lost to K. Davenport (3-11). with a mediocre performance against M. Chamat (11-7) I fought my way back into the tournament. I won against T. Kennedy (11-8), I. Paez (11-9), R. Wiseman (11-5) and A. Toshikawa (11-9), before losing to J. Kucharo (6-11) to finish on a satisfying 7th place.

German First Division - Dessau is German Champion!
After the straight way from Third Division (Regionalliga Ost) into First Division, the 1.PBC Dessau created the huge surprise by bringing the Championship to the banks of the Mulde river. During day 11 + 12, the team Th. Engert, Chr. Reimering, A. Roschkowsky and Ralf Souquet defeated the 1.PBC Fulda (5-3) and the co-pretender Fürstenfeldbruck (6-2). The championship party lasted all night and the mood was simply excellent. The final road matches in Geldern and Oberhausen can still be quite interesting since the team from the lower Rhine area is still battling against relegation.

Masters 9-Ball Championships
Promoter B. Behrman looked back on 26 years of experience with the U.S. Open before organizing the Masters for the first time in Chesapeake, VA. 86 players from all over the world played for the final victory and just one made his way through: In the breath-taking finals, Efren Reyes defeated Earl Strickland with a score of 13-9 and won rightly the title of the Masters Champion. I am satisfied with my third place, especially since I had to play a series of top players. My results: J.White (Canada) 11-10, K .Davenport (USA) 11-6, D. Harriman (USA) 11-9, A. Pagulayan (Canada) 9-13, J. Kucharo 13-6, St. Knight (UK) 13-12, J. Jones (USA) 13-8, A. Pagulayan 13-7, Efren Reyes (Phillippines) 10-13.

German Championships 2001 Willingen:
German Championships Willingen - 3 x Gold, 1 x Bronze
After my bad performance at the European Championships in Karlsbad (Czech Republic), first European Championships since 1990 without a single Gold medal for me, the German Championships were what I needed for my soul. In the 14-1 competition I won the bronzer medal after my defeat against my team mate Thomas Engert (98-150), my 7th bronze medal in this discipline in a row! New champion became Oliver Ortmann from Oberhausen, who played an impressive 148 series in the finals. I shared the bronze medal with Nico Vitiello from Troisdorf.
I won the 8-ball competition and the German title after a great and almost perfect match against Thomas Engert (9-3). Bronze went to Michael Schmidt and Brian Naithani.
Due to my appearences in foreign countries, I was not directly qualified for the 9-ball competition and I did not receive a wild card. However, I entered the competition as a substitute and won the German Championship. In the finals, I defeated Thomas Hasch from Dachau with a score of 11-4. Third place was shared by Oliver Ortmann and Alexander Scholz from Landstuhl.
To close a successful week, the 1. PBC Dessau with the team Andi Meyer, Patrick Gautzsch, Sven Rudolph, Lukas Röse, Andreas Roschkowsky and Ralf Souquet won, after a fierce fight, the title of German Cup Champion. Long after midnight, the team defeated the BC Oberhausen, with Oliver Ortmann, on a score of 5-2.